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Electrical Checks In A Privately Rented Home

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patrickstar | 09:36 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Law
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I am currently in a privately rented home ahead of moving into my next property. I work from this home and my partner is classified as vulnerable. The landlord (who is very good) is asking to have the Electrical Inspection Check to be carried out which is a new law. As explained to them, that whilst we are unable to have our children visit us, we are expected this tradesperson to have access to the whole home for up to 4 hours and for my work to be interrupted.
We have always allowed what ever checks required to take place at any time but during the ongoing pandemic this request to have these checks to take place in every single room, at our inconvenience and risk, is felt not acceptable. This has been explained to them, and this was first accepted, but now we are receiving repeated requests. The answer we provide is still no, not until such time the restrictions allow our own family to be in the home for at least equal time.....and I trust my family regarding their health more than a stranger.
From what I understand is that the landlord can ask, we can say no, and this correspondence is acceptable in protecting the landlord legally for delaying the requirement for the check. We hope to out of this rented home (which was a new build 10 years ago and is immaculate still as opposed to some older homes) within 4 months and we don't wish to be, nor have ever been, obstructive but this seems to be a request that puts us at risk and/or at maximum inconvenience.
Where do we stand and what can we state to the landlord as my partner is fed up of receiving these weekly messages. Thank you.


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One side of the coin...

The landlord is in no danger of a breach of the law if he can show that he has made every attempt to get this inspection carried out.
The age and probable condition of the electrical system is taken into account.
10 years old .......... most likely to be up to, or very near to current requirements. So, probable condition is good.
The landlord can do no more. He can back off.

The other side of the coin...........

The report is non-invasive. Very little is dismantled. Access is needed to each room, but very little disruption. (Readings are taken.)
It usually takes me 3 hours at the most for an old thatched house , but only 2 hours or so with a three-bed modern house.

It's your choice Patrick :o)

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Electrical Checks In A Privately Rented Home

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