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Does Anyone With A Dog Ever Witness Someone Yelling About The Property That's Theirs When It's Public Grass?

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nickmajor890 | 13:50 Mon 24th Oct 2022 | Law
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This old hag threatened about my dog on her property or else "she'll call the police." It wasn't on hers and PLUS she has a GATE, and we we're on public grass.


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Did you pick up the poo?
If we're talking about a footpath/verge then it's not always clear who owns what - her property may extend beyond her gate.

I hope you were cleaning up after your dog and/or not letting it run around loose in a way that might frighten other users of the space (regardless of who owns it).
If you are leaving its carp on "public" grass you may get a fine but probably deserve a good kicking!
I once had a "go" at a neighbour whose dog was toileting on a grassed area where kids play. 20 years later she still scowls at me when I pass her in the street!
I shouted at a German Shepherd who crapped outside my front gate. What was worse he had his dog with him :-)
It's the way you tell 'em, Canary!
I shuffle around so slowly that I let the dog off the lead - almost everyone around me doesnt

and IF you do, clear up the poo, and yeah the dog is NOT meant to go into gardens, and yeah they leave the gate open

and another day begins and the struggle continues
Referring to the person who spoke to you about your dog as an "old hag" betrays an attitude in you that is not ever going to accept that you might be ever so slightly in the wrong. I'm not saying that you are in the wrong, but I am saying that your attitude is wrong.
Why not listen to what this person has to say, listen to her grievance in a reasonable way, and then decide whether or not you need to adjust your behaviour.
If you were on public ground, and your dog was not committing an offence, then you do not need to adjust your behaviour.
But you do need to adjust your attitude.

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Does Anyone With A Dog Ever Witness Someone Yelling About The Property That's Theirs When It's Public Grass?

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