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jess131 | 11:05 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Law
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Mechanic fitted a part on car. Everything done corrctly but part failed. The supplier refuses to admit the part was faulty, so mechanic being sued by car owner.

Who does the fault lie with?



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car owner sues mechanic; mechanic sues supplier. Courts decide who's liable.

The contract is with the garage or the mechanic if he is not employed by them not the manufacturer.

The garage/mechanic can then chase the supplier if they claim the part is faulty.,liability%20to%20fix%20the%20item.



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Thanks. Mechanic is self employed. Supplier laying the blame on the manufacturer of the part.

Mechanic is trying to get the supplier to admit the part was faulty.

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Will this be covered by the mechanics insurance company?

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I also meant to say the faulty part caused further damage so they are trying to sue  for £6k

Mechanic will have to prove that the part was fitted correctly ie, incorrect fitting did not cause the failure which led to the other damage.

New problem?

You may get your car back only to find that the garage has caused a new problem.

Generally, the garage would be responsible for any additional fault or damage, ***but it’s up to you to prove that this happened while the car was in the garage's care.***

It’s possible that the new fault could be completely coincidental and unrelated to the original fault or repair." [emphasis added]

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