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Stealing Oil

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galasalmon | 21:21 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Law
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A friend who lives in the Highlands has been reading about getting oil stolen from their tanks and as she has a tank is wondering what she can do to prevent this or show how it can be shown to the police etc , Thank you. 



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I'm assuming there would be a way to put a decent locking mechanism in place?

On top of that, a decent CCTV camera would probably help as well.

different solutions and costs depending on budget and location of the tank

1. Oil cage around it


3. Lighting triggered by sensors

4. Gravel up the path so it makes a noise...a bit of a deterrent.

5. Thorny bushes nearby.

6. Electronic gauge/smart fuel monitor and oil tank alarm Some fuel gauges can be linked to an alarm inside your home. If your heating oil level drops suddenly, the alarm will make you aware of thefts and leaks.

7. Good padlock or spinning top lock - remember to give the supplier access to your keys

8. Insurance for damage and contents.

My daughter lives in an isolated rural area and has a simple lock on the top of the tank. Any hardware shop would be able to give advice or taking into account the location of you friend an Amazon search may bring up alternatives .

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Thank you. She does have gravel on the path and thorny bushes but is deaf and would never hear them Has a door bell that shows who is at the door but the tank is further away from it. 

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Stealing Oil

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