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Question on Inheritdance

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wunderwhy2 | 00:22 Thu 08th Nov 2007 | Law
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I have a great Aunt who has never been married, has never had childern. She currently has no will, and is 96 yrs old. Her next of kin are her nephew, and two nieces. I am a great nephew. If this goes to probate court, would I be intitled to some part of her estate? Thanks!


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I doubt it. If your great aunt had brothers and sisters and they had children, they would inherit. In other words, her nephew and two nieces will inherit her estate. See this:

If you are not lawfully married, have no children, but have parents or have had brothers/sisters/grandparents/aunts/uncles
Your estate will be shared equally amongst them in this order of priority - parents; brothers/sisters; half brothers/sisters; grandparents; aunts/uncles; spouses of aunts/uncles. If any of these have predeceased, but have living children then the children will take their parent's share.

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Question on Inheritdance

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