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cctv cameras and flood lights

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fesoj94 | 18:09 Sat 06th Dec 2008 | Law
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We live in a two storey semi detached house, and in february 2008,the neighbour we're attached to, had cctv cameras with motion detector floodlights proffesionally installed to the front and rear of their house. The cameras are placed on the facia boards just under the roof, and the rear flood light is placed on the side of their extension so that it points at our garden,the front flood light points at the public pavement so that they can film their car when they park it on the pavement.The front camera and light are activated when ever we, or their other next door neighbour,arrive at, or leave our houses or when ever anyone walks past their house.More concerningly, is the fact that when we step into our rear garden,the flood light and camera are activated,so that our privacy in our own back garden is invaded constantly and we feel so uncomfortable in the garden that we rarely use it - bar b q's in the summer,the children in their paddling pool or just playing,bonfire night,hanging out washing etc,have become almost intollerable and we have serious concerns for our children. We have asked the neighbours to move the cctv camera and light so that it is only activated by movement in their own garden. Their response was to place a notice in their back sitting room window which reads SMILE FOR THE CAMERA. We have asked the police for advice about the law regarding cctv cameras and our privacy rights but they claim it is the responsibility of the council. We have asked Birmingham city council the same questions but they say they are not clear on the law and we should seek the advice of the police! This week we sent an E-mail to Birmingham city councils Anti Social Behaviour Unit asking for their advice. We had a reply from someone claiming to be a 'senior' advisor - their response? they didn't know, we should contact Citizens Advice! Is there ANYONE out there who can offer us advice about our rights and who's responsibility it is to protect us, and our children, from


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why are you concerned for your children? Are you saying you think that your neighbours are paeophiles and that they are overtly filming your children for sexual pleasure?

I dont really understand why you would find hanging out your washing intolerable, even if you are being filmed - after all they could just as easily sit by their window and watch you do it. it seems stretching the realms of possibility to imagine that the neighbours are using footage of you hanging out your washing for any nefarious purpose, or at least i can't think of any.

i'm sure someone will be along soon with a better answer and more knowledge of the law to put your mind at rest
you might find the answers given here helpful: tion634023.html
if you type cctv into the search box at the top of the page and tick "site" more questions will come up, with good answers
If nothing else works how about setting up your own camera to film your neighbours to give them a bit of their own medicine. One thing you can do is direct a floodlight straight into the camera lens at night then nothing can be filmed or a mirror to reflect the sunlight into the lens.
Your neighbours are not allowed to instal cctv equipment for filming in a public place. However, your rear garen is a private place to which members of the public do not have a right of access, so that is where the confusion arises. If the cctv camera had ben installed at the front of their property overlooking the street to which the public have unrestricted access then an Order could be obtained to have the equipment removed.
At the same time, you do have a right to privacy in your own back garden within reason, and in this regard you may need to consult a good lawyer who is prepared to work for you for professional advice.

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cctv cameras and flood lights

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