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Noise from neighbours

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themalster | 01:06 Thu 03rd Sep 2009 | Law
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Hi guys, For the past year and a half we have had problems with the family next door. The husband works nights and once he has gone to work the wife has guests round. Now this may not seem to be a problem, but when the talking, sorry, shouting is still occuring at 12.30am from 9.15pm it is a problem. My wife and i have been round countless times asking the woman to keep the noise down as they have woken up our 2 year old several times (he is teething at the moment so it's hard enough getting him to sleep). I've spoken to the managing agents and said that they must surely be in breach of contract. They said they'd send a letter round there but even if they had, it doesn't seem to have done any good. In the past year and a bit we must have gone round there at least 2 or 3 times a week at different times after midnight. The walls in these houses aren't very thick and we can hear every word (albeit it is in African). We are at the end of our tether because every night my wife and I are not sure whether we will get a good nights sleep. I have stopped going round there because again, it doesn't do any good. I haven't been able to speak with the husband as he comes home once i leave for work and leaves for work before i get home. We don't want to be seen as miserable but it is really affecting our sleep

Can anyone offer any advice as we have kept a diary for the past month, but the noise occurs on different days

Many thanks


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Yea, rap her in a rug and dump her in the
wouldnt it be funny if she could see this post and all the replies!!!
This is the best solution AB party at yours -
Yes...but they would need a babysitter...
If her friends or family come in cars, try pouring brake fluid on the bonnets.
lol trt....I thought you might be telling us off then. I don't know why ;-/
Bricking windows, Slashing tyres, brake fluid, wrapping her up in a rug n dumping her in the woods, what a lovely bunch we are here on AB pmsl!!!
50% were
I'm making notes lil, in case I have trouble in the future.
I've just added one to my list. Buy an AK47.
I had similar with an upstairs neighbour 2 years ago, I put super glue in her door lock, so funny watching her trying to get in!!!
Are there any other neighbours around that she's annoying also - you could all barrage the councel with phone calls.
Who employs the managing agent, i.e. who owns the property? Are you in a block of flats or a house? I think if you can identify the chain of command on this and who exactly is responsible for the properties it will give you a good starting point. The use of managing agents implies the the porperty is rented or leased, so can you check the terms of the rental or the lease about creating a nuisance or similar.

If you can get some of these answers it will give you some possibilities to attack along another route, but the advice you have been given so far about Environmental Health etc is good and should also be proceeded with.
You have to fight fire with fire. The husband works nights right? So you have your sterio blaring all day simple. Then when they complain you say the sterio will be on during the day when I hear any nose at night. Dumb animals eventaully learn.

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