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Calling all Corrie fans

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chaptazbru | 22:02 Thu 02nd Feb 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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Wow wasn't Leanne's acting excellent tonight? And Simon, running after her like that. I've just been wiping aways the tears. Corrie at its best.


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better than simons
Question Author
I thought Simon was good.
Has Leanne been written out?
Question Author
I don't think so, with a major character like her, I think it would have been in the press.
Simon was rubbish at the end. Havent heard Jane Danson is leaving. Bets on who leanne will be with next. I'm going for Steve McD
The line I liked best was..."oh so you really were going to see a dog then"....classic!
Question Author
I was cringeing though when she was almost begging him to stay.
Fantastic! I just love Corrie when it does drama (and comedy) at it's best.

I even like Michelle Collins' character :)
Brilliant story lines on Corrie at the moment, last week steve/tracy wedding, this week trial/peter/leanne/carla, don't know how they are going to top these. Think it may be frank/sally. I have heard he rapes sally, but that means he gets off.
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Halifaxmum - Michelle Collins' character has grown on me, she's done well. The drama was brill tonight !
chap - i totally agree, when it was first announced that she was coming in to corrie, i thought oh no not a bloody ex-eastenders (really don't like that programme) but she's really grown on me.

Corrie got the best soap award at the NTAs and tonight showed why. Well done Corrie!
A tad harsh on the kid 4getmenot - being that he is a kid!
Question Author
I agree smart1.

Halifaxmum - wasn't it GREAT when Corrie won for a change?! The look on the cast of Eastenders was priceless !! Well done Corrie.
To be fair smart1 - he is a child but he is a professional actor who got the part ahead of other professional actors (it isn't like he has landed the starring role in the school nativity because he is having a hard time at home).
Question Author
But his acting was good anyway imo.
4getmenot I think that's a thread all on it's own...who will steve McD hook up with next.

Talking of steve what do you think he was up to when he asked Owen about a job? I think he's going to partition the house off so he has one half while Tracey has the other.
not harash. He's a sweet little kid, bit at start was fine, but the cry at the end was rubbish. Cant see what is wrong with my opinion.

puddleduck he's making the house into flats
Question Author
Yes puddle_duck, he's going to make it into two flats ! Tracy will be pleased !!

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Calling all Corrie fans

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