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copper in eastenders

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chessington | 22:22 Thu 01st Sep 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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hi does anyone know the name of the female copper with the blonde curly hair interviewing sam mitchel, only I recognise her but cannot name her?


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Is she the one who played Meadows ex wife in the bill ?
.. it's Geraldine James, she has been in loads including Band Of Gold and Calander Girls ..check out all her other apperances here
She was the ward sister in Casualty when Tina Seabrook (Claire Goose) was in the series....
It's definitely not Geraldine James, tho I can';t track down the actress's name. I think she used to be in Brookside.
SUCCESS!!!!! Actress is called Barbara Marten. She wasn't in Brookside. As Cockney_si rightly says she was the sister (Eve Montgomery) in Casualty. That's where I remember her from. She has also been in The Bill (hasn't everyone?)

That was really bugging me - I remember her from casualty now and the Calender girls. 

Its defo Barbara Marten. She also appeared in "Between Two Women" and one of the Catherine Cookson made for TV films
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thanks to all who answered, I now recognise her from casualty, thanks again

She's been in lots of things:   


Never Calendar Girls though Peri!

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copper in eastenders

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