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smurfchops | 16:56 Tue 18th May 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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Well I can’t believe it. I used to pick up my cat while she was eating (as I thought, ,the best time to lift her up). and try to put Advocate on the back of her neck. I was lucky to have both arms intact and blood free, and usually unsuccessful in using the whole tube before she wriggled away. This time she was laying on the back of the sofa, upright. I just went up behind her, used the drops which do have quite a strong smell, and she didn’t even flinch. Maybe this is a hint to other cat lovers!


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you lift her away from her food and wonder why she struggles?
I always put on mine when they are resting
I've never owned a cat but was always taught not to interfere with an animal when it's eating, except in an emergency.
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She is usually fine if l stroke her while she is eating but you might be right …. Never thought of that, after having three cats over 30 odd years …
I saw the title in Media and thought there'd been a programme about cats getting their own legal representatives.
It's not lifting up a cat, or otherwise, that's a problem in my house; it's getting anywhere near to them in the first place!

I can have one cat in the living room, one cat in the bedroom and one cat out in the front garden. If I simply go to the kitchen cupboard where the flea treatment is kept, and take a sealed sachet out of the box, I'll immediately have three cats at the very far end of the road!
Well observed, Mamya!

I have a friend who keeps a community of neutered feral cats in her barns and stables. She has taught them to eat with her close and she drops the spot on on while they are eating. She says you have to be quick and quiet though

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