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Yes, Clive is a rich man, however, as is (now) Amanda a rich woman.
It's sad for the children, but they are a well-balanced lot and Amanda and Clive have raised/are raising them well.

I'm glad Clive has moved on. I don't think Amanda quite understands what she has got into.

Question Author
What I was thinking .. Clive is 68, new man is 71 (a business-man) -
thought she would have gone for a younger man? I really liked that programme.
I really liked it, too Hazlinny. i was surprised that the new chap was 71. He should have had more sense really - but age doesn't count.
Mr.J2 was 75 when we did a reverse 'elope' from France to England to tell our kids. (He'd been a widower for 17 yrs, I hasten to add, and I'd just escaped a phsychotic control-freak - no family break-up involved.)
Question Author
Age does not really matter, Jourdain. I remember reading about
your incident in an earlier post. With Amanda and her obvious delight in mixing with the "glam" crowd, Ithought she would be pitchingat the next Jame
Question Author
^^ don't know what happened there .. James Bond type. Have I nothing better to do, you may ask?
No I don't!! :)
Hazlinny - Perhaps the lady in question chooses her life partners on the basis of loving them, and they her, rather than trading them in as if they were cars - for a 'younger model'.

Not everyone has the same shallow view of others' relationships as you appear to offer.
Can't help but wonder how Clive and Amanda would have fared had they never appeared on Ade Edmonson's cosy little series all those years ago

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