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Karamia | 21:01 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I love the 1% Club quiz and am enjoying the free App which gives you a new question/puzzle every day. Thrilled today as I was,able to answer a (deemed) 1% question correctly.

It also let's you play along in real time when the new 1% Club quiz starts again.

Very annoying though when you get one wrong and break a long string of correct days - bit like with wordle!

If anyone else likes the quiz you may like to try it.



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Thanks! I will.

Thanks, Karamia

I have just done today's, total guess, correct, but no idea why

Question Author

Glad you are going to try it Hopkirk.

Barry, glad you trying it also plus if you wait a few seconds after the answer is revealed, it goes to an explanation page (whether you right or wrong) plus keeps a tally of how many days you have been correct in a row. 

I look forward to a new puzzle being given every day - good luck to others playing the game!

Thanks again, I returned to the app and found the explanation 

Thanks, Karamia.

I love the tv show, so this will be fun. I might try to persuade Husband to try it too so we can compete. But he is SO SLOOOOWWW, and usually gets them wrong when we watch on telly. 

Question Author

Cloverjo- love it! 

When playing along with the app when quiz is it is totally different anyway as you tend to panic as seconds tock down. Fun all the same!! 

It's my favourite quiz show and I usually do quite well but I'd freeze in front of the camera.

Interestingly, to me, when I watch the repeat I struggle on the same questions as I did when I saw it the first time.  My brain works in a certain way and won't be persuaded! 

Question Author

Barry - I feel the same. I would freeze in front of camera too.

I think if I was even asked for my own name in order to win a million pounds as the final answer - under those lights and that pressure - I'm not sure I would even get that right!! 

Same as that

Is there a link please?

Barsel, it is in your relevant App store - Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Search for The 1% Club and you'll find it.


I didn't get today's 1% question 

I don't have anything with apps on, just a desktop computer.

I do wordle on it and thought there might be a link to 1% club.

Sorry, Barsel, as far as I know it's not available for PC 

OK, thanks, Barry.

I answered today's qn correctly but then it just said come back tomorrow, I couldn't see any other qns only that one

I did it for the first time yesterday and only had one question, today I had the full set. See what tomorrow bi

How do you get more than one qn, I only had one today again?

Ellie, when I've answered the question there is a box under the explanation that says 'play more'.

Do you see that?

I didn't see that Barry, I can't get into it again today so will have a look at it tomorrow, thanks 

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