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Karamia | 21:01 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I love the 1% Club quiz and am enjoying the free App which gives you a new question/puzzle every day. Thrilled today as I was,able to answer a (deemed) 1% question correctly.

It also let's you play along in real time when the new 1% Club quiz starts again.

Very annoying though when you get one wrong and break a long string of correct days - bit like with wordle!

If anyone else likes the quiz you may like to try it.



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Barry, I got today's qn wrong. When I clicked Play More it just said something like 'Thank you for playing, come back tomorrow again'.

I got today's right and got the same message - thank you for playing! Please come back tomorrow for more.

Only one round for me today

It's very annoying, I'd like to start at the beginning and work my way through the qns to the end

Yes, that sometimes pops up, a full set of questions.  I would like it to be daily, too

I like the Spelling Bee after Wordle but I stop when it asks you to subscribe to play more!

Yes, same as you with Spelling Bee.  I would like the Connections game a lot more if it wasn't so US oriented, but of course it is in The NY Times.

I got only one question too.  

Just one question again today despite getting it right

Daily question plus full set today

Just one qn today again despite getting it correct. I'm fed up with it so will give it a miss from now on 

Did you do it yesterday, Ellie?

Yes, barry, as far as I remember I got multiple qns then. 

I think they are doing one question per day, and one weekly full quiz

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Twice now I have had 3 full games available to play in a row.

Barry, did you do the Spelling Bee today yet. I found it more difficult as there is no E but managed to get to Solid with the help of an 8 letter word! 

Ellie, I got to 'solid' so not brilliant.  I didn't really miss the E but did grind to a halt.  I keep forgetting I can use the letters more than once, as I can't in a similar game that I play 😂

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