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Unbelievable Moments In Film

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-SharonA- | 13:55 Fri 29th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I have just finished watching Jack Ryan Season 4. In one scene, Jack is captured by the baddies and tortured. One of his torture was boiling water poured over his bare back. Jack is then rescued and you next see him limping out of the building, fully dressed. Surely those clothes on his back must have been rubbing his burnt, blistered back??!! Next thing you know, he is back hunting down and shooting more baddies with out a wince, whimper or hospitalisation.

What a guy!!



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In this John Wick 2 segment, he and another are shooting at each other (guns fitted with silencers) in a crowded subway, with those around them unaware of the duel.

And here is the reality of the sound of a firearm.

Un-silenced, the sound can be around 160dB (very, very loud), and with a silencer around 120dB (very loud).

Not an unbelievable moment but a personal one for me.  

0:51 - the tall, dark-haired man in standing in front of the drums was my great grandfather.  He passed in 1965 so I never got to know him.  My mother remember him with fondness.  He was a fantastic Musician who could play any instrument but he was, first and foremost, a Timpanist.  He played for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.  His wife was a Pianist.  

The Deadly Crescendo - "The Man Who Knew Too Much" | Hitchcock Presents - YouTube

Sorry, 1964 he died.  

One every week in Dick Barton Special Agent on the wireless in the Fifties.


Ooops, sorry, you said film.  I don't know whether he ever made it to celluloid.

Jack Bauer from '24' was amazing!  In addition to all the other trials and tribulations he suffered throughout the series, held and tortured by the Chinese and eventually released battered, bruised and thoroughly exhausted, a couple of hours later he saved the world.... again.  What a guy!


Loved that series though - and Kiefer Sutherland.  


And how do actors not crash when they take their eyes off the road for several seconds at a time to chat to their passenger?

90% of any Indiana Jones movie. 

Think you need to suspend belief when watching these films. Bond, Indiana Jones etc are the same.

Mary Poppins flew didnt she? I always wondered about that. Add in Dick van Dycks incredz cockney acent

Garry Halliday ( black and white tv so our era) used to do wonders innit

Well what about Chekhov's Three Sisters?

Three siste wonder if they should go to Moscow: they dont go.

Have you ever seen a woman ( let alone three) not do what she has decided. Ha! - wht about some reality in your plays, Tovarich Chekov

My brudda had tea poured down his back in a tea q - - - no not in Wandsworth, wansworth primary school . Yes everything you say happened.  - two weeks in the skool sick room I  think

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Unbelievable Moments In Film

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