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I'm A Celebrity Starting Tonight

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naomi24 | 09:28 Sun 19th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Food critic Grace Dent has already taken aim at Nigel Farage so it looks like sparks will fly.


Will you be watching?



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I'll not be watching - i never do - but i have read that Farage will be excused some of the more strenuous tasks (as a result of injuries sustained in an accident). Not exactly a level playing field.


I think the nastiness will come from the usual place.

Question Author

Ken, some contestants are always excused some of the tasks.

Absolutely not.  Haven't watched any of them since watching some of the first episode of the first series.   And to add to that Ant and Dec- just a big  no no no!☹

Didn't know that, Naomi. Makes my decision never to watch it  even more wise😊.

Have to say that i did watch the first ever series - well, some of it - and found it rather tedious.

It's a no from me too, I won't watch anything those two annoying Geordie imbeciles are involved in, and although the idea of watching Farage noshing down some kangaroo knackers has it's plus points, I won't start watching now.

Question Author

I don't watch anything else that Ant and Dec are in but I love them on that.  They make me laugh.

never watched it, that Grace Dent seems like a wrong un though. Standard nasty lefty.

Question Author

Nigel has indicated that he might return to politics which could be why he's agreed to go into the jungle.  I think this will make interesting watching.

I typed out an answer about 20 minutes ago...skimmed the article...came back to submit...the thread was closed


Anyway...I like Grace Dent as a food critic, and I've no doubt she'll add some spark to the goings-on. Her remarks were made 13 years ago...the DM did their usual job of digging up dirt.

I doubt I'll be watching...never do.

I don't think watching people being ritually humiliated and hurt, using dumb animals, for the amusement of an audience, says good things about our society. 

I remember decades ago, we were all shocked at how horrible the Japanese TV audiences were for watching 'Endurance', a horrific game show where people were hurt and abused fir amusement. We put it down to the cultural differences, we would never watch such a horrible offering.

And now we do, and the fact that our version includes highly paid has-been 'celebrities', does not make itbany better.

Never seen it, not going to start now.

I know of Grace Dent from her stints in Countdown.  Not come across her anywhere else.

Farage couldn't entice me to watch anything 

Question Author

The thread must have been closed by mistake, Pasta, because whoever closed it seems to have opened it again.  It's easily done on a touch screen.   The slightest touch on a big button and that's it. 

Question Author

barry, I only know Grace Dent from Masterchef.  She's a food critic.

"She's a food critic"

Wonder how she'll take to some of the 'food' on offer in the jungle?😊

Barry is thinking of Susie Dent.

It must be fat finger syndrome Naomi  πŸ™„πŸ˜

Question Author

That didn't occur to me, Ken.  I do hope she gets to try it.  :o)

I can't wait for it to start Naomi. Just seen another teaser clip and looks great. 

Can't wait for it all to start again.

That and Strictly feels like comfy Winter telly.

Nigel Farage voted for first challenge- who would have thought it?? 

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I'm A Celebrity Starting Tonight

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