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HFJL2020 | 21:47 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
11 Answers

deal  or  no  deal     your    oponion   i found  it  boring



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Didn't watch it. Suspect it was past it's time years ago.

The first thing I noticed was the £250k box has gone.  The highest box is now £100k ..... kinda takes away some of the excitement if you ask me .....

I was always impressed with the skills Noel Edmunds brought to the quiz, creating tension and emotion out of a game that is entirely chance, with no human input or influence whatsoever. 

I imagine a 'new' version, if there is one, will suffer without his considerable skills. 

What quiz?

Why is this in body & soul?

Henry (HJL) always posts in B&S. :))

It's like that show which is basically a big coin cascade machine televised.

A ridiculous thing drawn out into a whole program that you somehow get drawn into.

Who's hosting it now?

CAPTAIN, some of the threads are in the right categories but I'm not sure if that's more luck than judgement...

Can't stand Stephen Mulhern.  Those facial expressions, seems very false.  

Why anyone would watch this drivel is beyond me - a show based entirely on guessing

It wasn't based so much on the guessing but on whether one held one's nerve and risked going on, or not.


Nevertheless there has to be a limit on how long such a thing retains interest.

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