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The Crown

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Countrylover | 23:09 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched the 1st episode in the new series.  Not at all impressed, but I'll probably keep watching.  Imelda makes a good queen.



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I've never been tempted to watch The Crown. Seems too fictionalised for my taste.

I can't believe that a lot of people believe that a lot of these things took place.

How would they know what took place between Diana and Dodi?

It did bring home to me though how horrendous it must have been for her to always have the paparazzi following her.


The fact that so many hold the man in the jewelled hat on the golden chair in high regard cancels any critique of the fictional shenanigans of the ultra privileged.

Trying to read through the lines there Doug, but not sure what you mean.                                         

Haven't watched it, but I greatly admire Imelda, she's a brilliant actress. I've been lucky enough to have seen her on the stage, awe-inspiring performance.

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It's designed to be fictionised Barsel.  But I enjoyed the older episodes because it brought  back a lot of memories of past prime ministers, and events etc.  There were lots of old news films to watch.

But the fact that I had  no time for the attention seeking Diana and her antics probably put me off this one.

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I agree Canary.  

Question Author

She played the Queen very well.  Better than the others!

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I said Barsel, should have been Pasta! 

I love it! Elizabeth Debicki is fantastic.

no, there WAS a queen called Elizabeth II and there was a prime minister who acted like one er that was called 'Blair'.

and the title isnt 'It Is All True'

abd the adviser for Suez was the adviser to the govt at the time ( 1956 ) who got kicked out ( deseslected from his seat as an MP) who got it right ( dont invade, it will be a disaster)

and you learn new things

( a ghost's mascara can run)

I thought it was very arch - that Di and Dodi were both lying to each  other

and I thought Dodi was the favoured son not the Prince Andrew or Hunner Biden of the family

it was a draymer remember

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I can't remember Diana taking her kids on the yacht.  I thought they were at school or with their Nanny whilst she was having her flings.  Diana, the wonderful Mother who changed  the Royals.  What rubbish!

The first 4 episodes of the new series are indeed mostly about Diana.

When it starts the final 6 episodes next month, I just hope it won't be about the California duo or else I will be switching off.

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Meaghan can play herself ;0)

Yacht - there is a photo  shoot (very spontaneous as everything in her life was and lined up carefully) of her on deck and the two delightful little ones running towards her going goodly goodly goodly

aaaah !

Did I say that I thought Dodi was the favoured son?

 the wonderful Mother who changed  the Royals.  What rubbish!

her death changed everything

Love changes all ..... hem hem

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4 episodes watched now.  I persevered but found it boring.  I spent  most of my time on this tablet. And made a few phonecalls  Shame because I really enjoyed all the other series.

I watched all four episodes and quite enjoyed it.  Mohammed Fayed got a rough ride though.   I prefer to think of the silly ghostly appearance as Charles' thoughts rather than a 'visitation'.  

Meanwhile, back in the real(!) world, Andrew makes the new again.


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