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The Antiques Road Trip,Profits?

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NoseyNose | 18:14 Fri 15th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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At the end of the programme,it says "All profits go to Children in Need".but to take today's(Friday with Catherine and Philip) they had no profits,just losses.How does this work?

Do they take the(losses/profits) balance at the end of the week,or what.



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I found this on Wiki, I assume it is fact

"The net profits at the end of each week are donated to the charity Children in Need."


And this 


All proceeds are donated to charity

The contestants do not keep the money they make from their sales. After each episode, costs are deducted from the overall earnings, and the remaining amount is used as the budget for the next episode. At the end of five episodes (the weekly run), the contestant with the most earnings is declared the winner. The proceeds are then donated to BBC’s Children in Need charity."

I've always wondered about this programme which I do enjoy. Some antique shop owners give unbelievable discounts on articles. Can they really afford this or is there a "wee man" who visits after the "stars" have left and pays the difference?


maggie, I know the sellers are often compensated for the discounts. Don't be too disappointed, it's just entertainment.

Some sellers refuse to take part because 'joe public' expect the same sort of discounts and it's not worth the hassle

Not disappointed barry, was just wondering. I enjoy the show, especially when they go to auction at the end. 

I would guess the discounts are compensated for by the big free advertising 

It's really only entertainment when Natasha or Christina are on.

Some of the recent auction houses have been dire. It shows that it's wise to use a decent sales room, the BBC failed miserably.

I prefer the old format.

I agree David.

Never known other auction houses to start practically everything at £5.

It's not so good as it used to be.

I think it telling that I can't find how much money the show has given to CiN over the years.  

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The Antiques Road Trip,Profits?

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