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Strictly Final

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Karamia | 22:11 Sat 16th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Brilliant show tonight! Very emotional and all 3 were amazing. Glad my favourite won and was well deserved. Think all 3 should have amazing careers off the back of this. All were wonderful.

Fantastic final!



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They were all wonderful, but I wanted  Bobby to win.  He's got an amazing career ahead.  Layton already has an amazing career.  I love watching but just hate all the shouty jumping around bits.

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There were so many good dancers this year Angela Scanlon and Annabel Croft were sensational also. It has been a great series. Love Bobby too as he is so humble and just enjoying every experience. Doesn't know how fantastic he is. A big star in the making. Glad we have got to know him over the weeks. I still think Ellie deserved the win though. Her showdance was my favourite - a very tough routine and very brave.

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Loved it so much I have watched it back now a few times and Ellie's showdance is still the best. We would never have known it went wrong (if she was not captured saying sorry to vito)  but am assuming judges knew how it was meant to go. I thought how amazing and how far this girl has come to even try that dangerous move. Love that she got trophy but think they all did amazing and have torpedoed careers so much. Deservedly so.

Didn't need all the screeching!!

.....but did need a director / cameraman combo who included the feet in shot all the time. It is a dance competition.

Yes I think the best one won.  She has come on a lot since the start of the competition.  The other 2 were good from the beginning and Layton was already a dancer.  Shame Amanda Abbington didn't turn up for the final as all the others managed to.

Great show they were all excellent, but I was pleased the Ellie won. Vito falling over his words trying to explain an iceberg made me laugh 😆 I wonder what Amanda's problem was 

Yes, did anyone ever find out why AA quit?  I wonder if she was paid her full fee.

loved the final i was in tears watching Bobby but glad Ellie won ,wonder if a romance is on the books x

Ellie got all 6 of my online votes & I was glad she won.  It was a great show, all 3 danced wonderfully imo.

I agree that it was sad that Amanda left, from the start I had her down as a finalist.

@00.29 "It is a dance competition".

IMO it's a light entertainment show and popularity contest, with dancing being an important part on which the programme "hangs". Since it's the viewer who decides the winner, the best dancer often doesn't win...the one who gels with the viewers is the one who "wins".

My 6 votes went to Ellie too. I'm am only surmising here about something I read but I think Amanda could be quite an opinionated person who didn't like being told what to do by Giovanni and the two clashed. Such a shame because she was a good dancer

I read that Amanda and her partner really didn't get on at all - they were at loggerheads - and that's why she left.

I had her down as a finalist too. 

Presumably if it was actually a dance competition you wouldn't be able to vote till all the contestants had finished all of their dances. And perhaps you might be allowed one vote each, not six  

I was at a party last night and missed strictly but I hope to be able to catch it on replay.

Regarding AA, the following is from Wikipedia, it might've had some bearing on her decision to leave:

///In March 2023, Abbington tweeted that a drag queen show for parents and babies that included topless performers was "Not for babies. And if you think it is, there is something fundamentally wrong with you."

Following the announcement of her participation in Strictly Come Dancing, some social media users condemned Abbington for her comments, accusing her of transphobia and threatening to boycott the show.

Abbington denied she was transphobic and said she had been upset about "a 12-year-old doing something very over-sexualised and I didn't think it was right."///


Watched the programme with my trusty 30x ff button in hand. Whole thing watched in 35mins, just watched the dances and some of judges' comments (ie only Craig as all the rest just do the usual gushing and wave their 10 paddles). Ellie a worthy winner on the night but every poll shows Nigel would have won if he hadn't been injured.

A lot has been said on here regarding the heritage of all the candidates. She is nervous, he has previous stage experience, she is a soap star, he is making amazing progress etc etc.

My take is simple.  I watched the final and gave all my votes to the person who danced out of their skin. Brilliant.  Layton, you were robbed.

At least the professional didn't win - the only problem was that kept the deserving Annabel C out of the final.

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