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barry1010 | 08:52 Thu 28th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Billy has become very fond of getting his kit off.  Is he supposed to be Peter Barlow's replacement as eye candy for the mature woman?




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Billy!!!!!! Well be doesn't do it for me. 😅😅

Nor for me!

Question Author

Not me 😶

Question Author

He did do it for Daniel - for a while anyway

The only eye candy on  Corrie is Ryan. Imho us old gals like younger candy more than  mature candy more often than not.

Talking of  Corrie, Carla's nephew really can't act!  

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I think my wife prefers Adam to Ryan but she still misses the Connor boys.  

Noone beats Liam Connor!

I noticed someone with good taste chose to play Nick Drake's 'Time Has Told Me' at the end of the episode when Peter left.

He makes my skin creep!

Makes a change for someone to leave on a tram rather than in a taxi - ITV must be running low on funds 

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Who makes your skin creep? 

I presumed Billy, Barry 

Corrie seem to be obsessed with showing us that even really ill people can still have 'a physical relationship'.

Of course they can, but who else in Corrie?

Cant stand Billy!!!

Question Author

Billy adopts a soppy, simpering expression more suited to an 8 year old girl looking at a basket of kittens

Nobody more annoying than Simian Simon :)

Oh and now they are all leering at Paul new PA, poor sod.

If it was a woman it would be sexual harassment but cos its a guy it supposed to be funny.

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