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Slow Horses

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bednobs | 18:43 Thu 28th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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having just watched the fab 3rd series, i see they have made a 4th.  Anyone know which book it's based on?



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I'd hazard a guess it will be based on the 4th book in the series, Bednobs; Spook Street.

I've got a couple of series 3 episodes yet to watch - but for qwatching the live football every night, i'd have already watched them.

At the end of the final episode (just watched it) it showed a trailer for series 4 in which a bomb explodes and there is a race against time before a second one follows.

Also shows the elder Cartwright armed with a shotgun and, if memory serves, those are 2 of the ingredients of Spook Street, which is book 4.

Hopefully each book will have it's own series - and if that's the case, there's plenty more to come😊

the idea of Ken watching something called Slow Horses... are you a consultant on the series?

I'll have you know i backed 4 winners






this year, so far.

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thanks ken.  i see from the trailer someone dies and needed to know who!

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i wasv surprised at the 3 mainish character deaths in this one tho

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Slow Horses

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