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Anyone Enjoying Jeopardy ?

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Samuraisan | 12:45 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I'm not. What's with this making the answer a question ? Anyone know when and if Tipping Point is coming back ?



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I could only stand 5 minutes of it.  It won't last on UK TV - just not the kind of thing that will catch on, and it's been tried here twice before.

I watched half of the first one - and that was only because Stephen Fry is presenting it - but even with him, that was enough.  I've seen it in the US.  I didn't like it then either.  It's just the silly response to questions that bugs me.  I find it really irritating.

I asked a similar thing the other week, I watched a few spisodes but it's dull as ditchwater and I am a fan of Mr Fry!

FYI here is a previous discussion:


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Thanks TTT. I hadn't seen that post. Incidentally, does anyone know if TP will come back ?

It doesn't appeal to me.

I preferred the penny arcade falling coin thing.

for a start they should dump the whole here's a Question what's the answer rowlocks, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Well folks, I enjoy it.  Stopped watching Tipping Point as it became so boring.  Took a little getting used to the answer format but don't even notice now.  

No, I don't like it. Only watched a couple of episodes.

I shout out the right answers (sometimes!) But forget all the what who is!

i enjoy it and also Riddiculous that's on before it x

I enjoy it and also Riddiculous as well. Like the riddles in that. I just like answering the questions where I can.

I like Riddiculous too but not keen on Jeopardy, it's very slow-moving

Seems like a waste of Stephen Fry. Is he skint?

Like Naomi, I only watched because Stephen Fry was presenting it. I lasted a few minutes. 
Too slow, irritating and I can't get excited about someone answering (or 'questioning'?) for £25.

Tipping Point wasn't much better, but it filled the time while I was cooking at work. 

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Anyone Enjoying Jeopardy ?

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