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The Chase......they Walk Amongst Us

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maggiebee | 17:03 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Going to watch this programme today and have a little bet with myself.  Which answer will 3T choose today?  If I guess correctly I'm going to have a wee Baileys tonight. If not, the botte stays in the cupboard.



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There isn't one every show maggie, sometimes, like yesterday, there is more than one. If it helps I won't be watching it until later today as I have a guest at tea time.

How will we know if you guessed correctly or just claim to have? TBH anyone with an ounce of brains will pick out the same one as me anyway because the answer is usually all but in the question, that's te point that so many pretend to miss. However I look forward to your prediction.

gone a bit quiet in braveheart land!


right mags I'm watching.....

come on mags I know you are there......

You're on your own. Apart from me, but I'm just off to watch a bit of paint dry. Bonne soiree.

mags there are 3 today, fun for the whole family! this one is especially good;


How many Baileys did you have then maggie?

I see you are looking in maggie, why have you gone all shy?

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Hi, didn't manage to watch the whole show so probably missed a couple. As a Scot the one that I laughed out loud at was - Q. Crathie Kirk is near which residence.  A. Ballymead

I thought that too but I didn't use it because the usual suspects would all pretend to be thick and claim that is not an obvious answer.

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The Chase......they Walk Amongst Us

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