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Party Political Broadcast

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smurfchops | 20:00 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Just out of interest how many of you (us) switch over channels as soon as this appears?? 



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If they were all like the Green Party's one back in 2015, they might be worth watching 😉

Their all a turn off for me. A debate forum where people/party views or policies can be scrutinised is much more interesting an informative.

Every time Smurfchops, regardless of the party.

Instant switch over, regardless of the party.

I do.

I am 76,and have been voting for about 55 years now.

NO government that I have lived under,has really affected my life in a positive way.

However,I do go on voting,in the slim hoped that they might do.


Answer to question.Yes,I turn them off.


Acomplete turn off

I watched last night's with Sunak scribbling on a large flip chart as I was interested in the simplicity of it. But I was surprised that the editor/producer didn't do something about his misspelling - 'mortage'.


What’s the point. Manifesto outlined, then reneged on.

duplicitous statistics. Lies, deceit, bullshine.  

Depends on if I can be bothered. These days I'm often using my tablet and looking at things on the Net so a PPB can come & go and I don't notice.

Nearing elections I watch the two main parties waffling  - sometimes until the end and sometimes not - but the Greens and other minority groups I don't bother with at all.

Not me, I record them and watch them again, I find it interesting to see the strategy of the protagonists.

19:08 don't remember that one, different though!

Fair enough, if you are the Green Party then you are the most likely to be cultivating the money tree farms.

Aside from that, it may not have been the same for 200 years but it seems reflective of recent times on many issues. The big difference likely to be, do we pretend to support 'A' yet to nothing effective about it, or do we reject 'A' outright.

1 to 15 of 15rss feed

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Party Political Broadcast

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