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Blossom 10Th Feb

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barry1010 | 09:24 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I shan't be blossoming any more - I simply can't be bothered.  I started today and realised I wasn't enjoying it any more.

Thanks to those who joined in - hope you continue to have fun with it.



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I feel the same about Blossom but I am enjoying Letterboxed.  I am working through the Waffle archive as well.

I gave up with Blossom with its stupid "lessnesses" a while ago and I'm doing Letterboxed too.

You know that's how I feel too Barry hence my quickie  Blossoms.  I think many others feel the same Barry.Ì hope we all continue with Wordles  and Waffles which are quick and fun and get the brain going. No more silly esseses, iers and eds from me too.

I could do with someone explaining Letterbox.  I'm muddled.  Do I just have to  find six words or one very long word and if its six words do the have to be in order?  

(As an aside  I'm also giving up on the News Section on AB.  Something should be done about it.  The behaviour is unacceptable from a few, spoiling it for others.  It's not good enough to say ignore) 

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I very much enjoy letter boxed.

When you open the grid it tells you to complete the grid within x amount of words so you have a target.

The aim is to use all the letters and you can use each letter as many times as you like.

I try to start words with the awkward letters and finish with the easy letters as the last letter of your word is the first letter of the next word.

Barry, is this the right game? I've read some basic rules.  Do I leave a space between the words.  Probably not.  And if the target is 4 do I have to have 4 x 3 letter words or will the target need 1 word made up of 12 letters.  There's only space for 12 letters in the answer box.


Forgive my stupidness!

Question Author

I think you are playing a different game, I'm referring to this Letter Boxed

Ah well this is my last one too, not much point in doing it on my own! Thanks for the banter especially countrylover and barry as we seemed to be the last 3 standing!

Blossom Puzzle, February 10
Letters: A B E T I L R
My score: 397 points
My longest word: 11 letters
 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌺 💐 💮 🌸 🌼 🏵 🌻 🌹

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See you around, Ellie, thanks for keeping it fun

I'm sorry, I can't be bothered with it either. I still enjoy Wordle and Waffle, so I'll be contributing to those threads for as long as they last. 

Barry, that's rhe one I was referring too!

Ellie.  We can still keep up the Banter!!

Basically, have I got to end up with a 12 letter word today made up of four smaller words.

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You don't need a 12 letter word but if you could find one you wouldn't be beaten

I don't give any thought to the length of the words

Letterboxed today - I got it in four words.  The first one was 11 letters long.

Not being able to use two letters on the same side consecutively makes is a pain.

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I got it in 3 and my first word was 12 letters long

Grrrr  so I looked up the answer for two words and got two words  one of which I've never heard of and it went with the second word to  make a word I think should be hyphenated Not being medically trained, I think I chose the wrong day to start playing!   I preferred Blossom!!  I've been spending hours on this and got 12 letter words but I suppose you have to use all the letters!!

Gave up to Blossom. Wasn't enjoying it. Prefer Wordle and Waffle.

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I usually do Letter Boxed using 4, 5 or 6 letter common words

It was fun while it lasted and I know where it is if I ever need Blossom to fill a long wait somewhere!


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Blossom 10Th Feb

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