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Come Dine With Me

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barry1010 | 09:22 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone watch this?  I know it is more a showboat for 'wannabees' than a cooking programme these days but it can be entertaining.

This weeks new episodes, C4 M-F at 6pm, are eye popping in every sense.  It's the sort of programme I like to watch just before bed, a bit of light relief. 



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I catch this sometimes and enjoy it.  I'm always surprised at the carefree and casual way some people cook what seem to me quite complicated dishes.  Good fun watch.


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Worth watching last week's on catch up, Rosie, best in a long while.  Back in their own homes now, which I prefer

Not watched it for a long time, but unless its changed to showboating? it used to be the complete opposite, amateur cooks making lots of cock ups, the latter making it entertaining. You did get the odd posh one in the bunch that thought they were untouchable when it came to their cooking and set up, but they normally failed.

Oh, maybe I'll watch later. I didn't realise there was a new series. 

I remember the very first series I watched because of one young woman buying everything readymade from M and S. 

It used to be on, on a Sunday. Is the new series Sunday also?

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No idea, I've never watched it on a Sunday, I've watched it from the first episode and it's always been M-F afternoons. It might be repeated on Sundays but I don't know

Is this the first week of new episodes? I'm on catch up mow and I see episodes for Belfast last week.

Oh dear...5 minutes in and the contestants are as flakey as ever. 🤣...eyepopping is a good description. 

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She's got a chestful of confidence, that's for sure.


I just love reading faces on these's like mind reading. 

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This week's, last one yesterday, is from North Wales, not Belfast

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Belfast's was the previous week

Yes...Wales is what I'm watching. I was wondering if the Belfast episodes are also part of the newest post-covid series.

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Yes, they are.  Happy days.  Waiting for the new series of Four in a Bed 

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Come Dine With Me

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