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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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ToraToraTora | 18:52 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
38 Answers

Haven't had one for a while....

Q: In What sport do players use divot tools to repair pitch marks?

A: Polo!




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TTT 20.32  // I've heard of the stomping ritual, the question mentions a tool. Don't be a wally.//

TTT, you haven't grasped it have you. You highlighted the contestant answer as being oh so wrong, and then published it for the multitude of ABers to see what a foolish answer had been given. But it wasn't was it? I know the word tool was mentioned, but I thought the contestant had given a reasonable answer. You didn't even know that Polo matches produced divots, and for all the contestant knew, those divots could have been removed by tools. You call me a wally, but you must be able to see that you also are a wally. I ask again for you to admit that you should not have published it. It doesn't do you any good when you won't ever admit to making a mistake.


Question Author

It's my superpower I can make normal people pretend to be thick.

TTT //the answer is obvious, that's the point.//

Not to me who has never been to a polo match or golf tournament, never played either of these games and have no interest in them either.

The omniscient one has spoken - end of

I won Fifteen-to-One several times, and I'm pretty sure I would have answered 'polo'

TTT 21.06

As you haven't had the grace to admit you shouldn't have tried to make something out of nothing, what's the point of AB!

I thought AB was a forum for friendly banter, acknowledging each others point of view, and admitting when you're wrong.

TTT, I can see no reason to carry on contributing to AB, when all you do is to steamroller your agenda, with no friendly exchange of the other persons viewpoint.

When putting my point of view forward, you respond by calling me a wally and silly!

So that's it, I give up, the floor's all yours - I won't be back on until you acknowledge that you're not fallible.


Tora does seem to be having "his aprils handed to him" a fair bit over the last couple of days. Awful shame.

Question Author

Is there another Tora? I've been kicking April and taking names me old china. People seem intent on being affected by my super power which makes people pretend to be thick to make a point rather than just join in a TIC post. Sad really.

20.01 "What  tool do they use".... I would use  a TTT .

Question Author

here's a classic that demonstrates people are prepared to pretend to be thick rather than join in....



I admit that I'm fallible!

My last remark to you should have read ..... 'So that's it, I give up, the floor's all yours - I won't be back on until you acknowledge that you're fallible'.

//Is there another Tora?//


God forbid. One is more than enough.

Question Author

09:45 of course I'm fallible, never claimed otherwise. I only highlight these when they are obvious slightly TIC questions. Why is that so difficlult to grasp?


Because we walk among you.

what is so difficult to grasp is WHY you think picking up people's mistakes is such fun🤣

TTT  9.53

Thank you for admitting that you're fallible.


At 19:57, "The question talks about a divot tool to repair pitch marks not some obscure Polo ritual that no one has heard of." [emphasis added]

20:32 "I've heard of the stomping ritual"

Are you losing the plot and the argument?

I thought of Polo straight away and that brilliant scene from Pretty Woman

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The Chase.... They Walk Among Us .... Part N ... Today's Gem....

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