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The Chase Gala Bingo Advert

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Jaimsieboy | 20:30 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone else feel this advert extremely irritating and who is the blonde lady asking the questions ?




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I do J/Boy - she just looks idiotic.  Actually I saw her featuring in another ad very recently but can't remember which one.

Laura Evelyn - blonde lady

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Thanks Folks....J/Boy

The blonde lady is very very annoying, I just switch channels immediately she comes on with that stupid advert.

I rarely watch adverts but this is before the Chase so see sometimes.

Very annoying and completey stupid.


I don't watch The Chase - the contestants are all dumb I'm told!

^^^^^ and they walk among us.

If you want to watch the Chase almost as it happens, just record it and start watching ten minutes after it begins..... and zoom through the adverts.  I record everything and not only for that reason, but so that I can watch when it suits me.

All dumb? If they were it would be a quiet programme!

I was on it in Dec 2019. I am offended.

All dumb? If they were it would be a quiet programme!

I was on it in Dec 2019. I am offended.

"The Lady" is paid by Gala Bingo to do a job.  She will have a script and no doubt will be highly paid to do it. Most TVs have an off button to be used as required.

I just put it on mute during her advert.  Then I turn it back on to watch the programme and have a good laugh at the amazing inability of some people to answer simple questions. Yes I know, they are under the lights and cameras and that can be difficult.  I also accept that not all are in this category. It can be better than a comedy show though.


a. : lacking intelligence : stupid. pretended to be dumb. b. : showing a lack of intelligence.

I think the only intelligent one on the ad is the dog.
FYI, Moorea7, you might be thinking of the ad where a lady is asking for white paint. Equally stupid! 

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The Chase Gala Bingo Advert

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