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1% Club Fail - Possible Spoilers

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barry1010 | 23:07 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Sailed through it last week, today dropped out early but still believe I was right and they were wrong.

How did you do? 



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Pretty well. I got 2 wrong.

I failed on the every 3rd word removed question and didn't get the 1% one until after the time limit.

Question Author

I failed on the anthem question

barry, why do you think they were wrong?

I don't know why they use questions based on pronunciations.

I had a different answer for the three letter word question and although not as common as the answer they had, I'm pretty sure it's pronounced the same in all English language accents.

The letter and word they used don't sound the same to me and it won't to a lot of others.

I agree, 'why' does not sound the same as Y

What does 'why' sound like, then ?


Uh ?

Question Author

I pronounce it hwy, too, same for what and when. 

The anthem question was wrong because only two words were changed, queen and her. 

I see what you mean barry, it's a bit like the 'eyes' qn

My answer for the three-letter word was, "ell" but is that common enough?

What was the anthem question?

'ell' is a much better answer than 'why' IMO

I'e never heard anyone, even on TV, say hwy for why. How bizarre.

Why would anyone pronounce the h before the w?

"Whales" and "Wales" don't sound the same , "what" and "watt" don't sound the same.

I pronounce the "h" in any "wh" word where the "w" is sounded.

It's not odd, honestly!

When I say it, it sounds breathy with a slight "ch" sound as in "loch" but I have no idea how that is represented.

Anyway, "why" and "y" don't sound the same to everyone.

Prudie, back in the days when the Concise Oxford gave pronunciations, that was their usual way: What was pronounced hwat etc. That's correct for me: if I try to say it,the H sound does come before the W sound.

I tend to fail on what you might call the "simple" ones.I do tend to overthink them!LOL

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Corby, the anthem question was how many words in the first verse of the National Anthem changed when QE died and Charles became king?


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1% Club Fail - Possible Spoilers

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