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Bridget Jones To Return

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Theblip | 07:37 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Bridget Jones' diary is one of my favourite films ever and still makes me laugh after many viewings.   But I thought the two sequels were awful and totally unfunny.  So now it's been revealed that a fourth Bridget Jones movie will soon be made and, while I'd love it to be good, I have serious doubts.  You?



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I have not seen any of the films to which you refer, but I do have experience of duff sequels.

The major problem, is that films are made by film studios, and whereas films are art, designed to create an impact, film studios are businessess, and they are designed to make money.

That means that as soon as a major film hits box office gold, the studio swings into action to get a sequel under way, and capitalise on the money.

But not all sequels are actually any good, or should even be made in the first place.

There are notable exceptions - the first sequels to The Godfather, and The Terminator, were actually superior in many ways to their originals.

But even then, the following films followed the law of diminishing returns, which is almost the standard rule of Hollywood.

And there are far more examples of 'Insert Your Successful Title Here' - Two - The Follow-Up!' being absolute dogs that only money-obsessed studio bosses would consider flogging to the public.

On that basis, I would think you are right to worry about another Bridget Jones film.

It has proved the standard sequel rule - don't bother, you can't capture lightning in a bottle.

And add to that the fact that the time and generation in which the first film succeeded have now moved on, and simply 'catching up' with an iconic film character years later does not mean that its original audience will be remotely interested in where their favourite character has been, and what he or she has been up to.

If the cheques are big enough, you can often entice original stars back to reprise their roles, but the original writers and director will probably be unavailable, because they know that re-treading is never a good idea.

I think you have to approach any sequel with the attitude that if it is any good at all, you will be pleasantly surprised, and if it's utter pants, you got what you expected, and therefore you are neither surprised or disappointed.

Good luck!

I liked all the films.  I look forward to a new one.

I really liked the first 2 and watch them a lot. The 3rd baby one was awful and didn't even look like her. I'll not bother to see the 4th no.

The third one was a bit 'meh' but still somewhat enjoyable.

i will await with baited breath for the 4th one.

Is this the geriatric version?

It will probably have Daniel Cleaver back so where does that leave Mark D'Arcy?  Will it be his turn to be missing wither temporarily or permanently?  It was a pity that the third one bore no relation to the book!

what book? They were newspaper columns

There have been books too.  In Bridget Jones' Baby, the 3rd book,  she had married D'Arcy and had a few children but he, D'Arcy, was missing presumed dead so she was living with her children in North London. I think Cleaver was still lurking around.

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Bridget Jones To Return

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