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Mountain Rescue And Rnli

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smurfchops | 20:30 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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These idiot people who go climbing or out to sea and get stuck...  and other people risk their lives to save them.  They deserve a medal.  Not the d...heads. 



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Do the d...heads get awarded medals ?

Question Author

No l said not the d...heads!!  

Er, yes. By saying others deserve a medal, but they not, you imply they presently do and shouldn't.

Yes, confusing OG

I assume you've been reading about Chris Lewis.

BBC News - Coroner tribute to Patterdale mountain rescuer Chris Lewis - BBC News

These volunteers do deserve medals for rescuing folk who think it's okay to go mountaineering in cheap trainers, inadequate clothing, no maps not realising their smartphones will run out of power or not get a signal.

If everyone took all the necessary precautions (or never did anything that entailed the slightest risk) it would deprive thousands of people of an activity they enjoy and find rewarding - going on rescues!

Bad luck for the guy in the news report - he should have taken more care.

Everyone should take necessary precautions when undertaking potentially dangerous activities such as mountaineering, caving and rock climbing.  That doesn't mean don't take part.  There is always going to be a risk but there is no need to be stupid.

It would be very hard for anyone in a rescue situation to have to decide between taking a personal risk or standing there and watching a person die.

Many years ago, a friend of mine went touring round Scotland for his summer holidays, middle of August. He was dressed only in shorts and tee shirt when, on a beautiful sunny day, he drove up what he thought was just a large hill. As he neared the top, the weather closed in and he could hardly see where he was. Then it started to snow quite heavily, making it dangerous to attempt the drive back down. He managed to find a small area to park, where there were 4 or 5 other cars, obviously with the same idea. But the snow kept coming and he was there for several hours, trapped in heavy snow on his summer holidays, dressed for the beach. Eventually, a large recovery vehicle appeared and towed them to safety. I don't know how the recovery vehicle was alerted, probably because one of the other vehicles did not return on time, but the recovery driver said this had happened before. You can't blame anyone in those circumstances. Happy holidays!

Question Author

What is confusing?  I obviously meant the rescuers should get a medal.  

You put, "They deserve a medal.  Not the d...heads."

The way that is written gives the impression they all get medals, including those rescued but you think only the rescuers should get them and not those that have been rescued.

Do we include the ones who overload small dinghies and attempt to cross busy sea lanes in dangerous conditions in this critique? Our much vaunted, donations funded, rescue volunteers are seemingly engaged in a full time task of providing a ferry service to hotel accomodation, clothing supply, health assesment and treatment, with a bit of spending money thown in. Instead of these rewards should they be given a bill for services rendered, and charged for return trip with all due haste? 

Not the fault of the lifeboat crews. They pick up those in need of rescue without prejudice about where they're from or how they got there. What happens to the rescued parties afterwards is out of their control.

I hope the RNLI donations get flushed down the pan - they should not attend illegal immigrants. End of.


And when there's a boating accident or someone is dragged put to sea in the UK, then what? Tough 💩?

they are aiding and abetting the illegal human trafficking gangs

They're being forced to. Better would be to leave them to do their job, and let the navy deal with migrants.

They are not being "forced" to do anything - they could leave it up to the proper authorities - the Border Force & the Navy.

They've got two choices, pick up the migrants if they get in trouble or pick up the bodies when they wash up on the beach.


Border Patrol are useless and the Navy AWOL.

Hopefully the bodies will wash up on French beaches so we don't have to deal with them.

Hopefully no bodies will wash up anywhere.

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