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Big Brother

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smurfchops | 23:19 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Lots of weirdos in there.  What are your thoughts?? 



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If you mean the 'Celebrity' version, I don't watch it.

I did happen to be in the room bringing my lovely wife a cup of tea, and caught sight of Sharon Osborne.

I was shocked, she has always been a crush of mine, but her surgery on her face is now so extreme that she honestly does not look human any more.

I always thought she was really attractive, but her desire to remodel herself has, in my view, gone too far.

But it's not me she has to please, its herself, and she is happy, then that's all well and good.

Really ? Same as usual then.

Sharon Ozbourne, Fern Britton and Louis Walsh were the only names I knew going into TBBH they didn't muster the pulling power for me after seeing the entries before they went in.

I watched to see who was going in but as it amounted to just 4 that i knew i dont think i will bother.

And just who is this Ekin Sue character who seems to pop up on just about every 'celebrity' show these days? 

From a psychological perspective, it's akin to watching the degradation of a vanity obsessed troop of primates conniving over the possibility of acquiring the biggest banana.

I like bananas 😉

But I won't watch this crap.

I recorded it so I could fast forward and skip through most of it.  I just wanted to see who's in there - and what a mottley bunch they are!  The silly woman who's dress didn't fit so she had to keep pulling it up so her boobs didn't fall out - and that ghastly man in shorts!  What is he?  And the racket!  Why do people feel the need for hysteria?!  I feel sorry for the actor from Coronation Street.  He seems to be the only one who's not up himself!   Bet he'll be glad when it's all over.

I've just read the line up and I know of 5 of them.  I've never watched the series and don't intend to start now.  The Royal Family has enough on their plates at the moment without Kate's uncle taking part in this - is he famous for anything other than being Kate's uncle?

Don't thnk so.  I read that Kate's mum - his sister - read him the riot act before he went in there.  They're terrified he'll embarrass them - and the royals.

Heaven forfend!

I think the "wierdos" are those who choose to watch it.

The critical concensus is that this format is dead and buried and ITV are going to take a beating for failing to resuscitate it, which it absolutely deserves for a patent lack of imagination. 

i agree with Ginge


You have to be radio rental to go on such a show.

AH, "I was shocked, she has always been a crush of mine, but her surgery on her face is now so extreme that she honestly does not look human any more." - it's always puzzled me that cosmetic surgery often makes them uglier yet they pay a fortune to be thus disfigured. 🤪🥡🐸

It pays well, TTT.  I read that Sharon Osborne is being paid £100,000 a day for twelve days.

Surprised Levi Roots is going on that, he can't be short of a few bob can he.

A big pay cheque for them, poor TV for the ones that expect entertainment. I wouldn't and have never bothered with it from the very first showing, whenever that was. It beats me why TV pay these large sums of money out for such stupid so called entertainment shows, especially as they are watched less and less.

As much as I try to avoid this programme details of it are all pervasive; numerous articles about the 'slebs across the 'papers', huge amounts of interweb bandwith taken up by it and viewer discussions all over the internet.

Obviously, reports of its' demise were greatly exaggerated. 😬

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