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Which Popular Programmes Have You Never Seen?

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naomi24 | 13:51 Thu 07th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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For me, Emmerdale, Friends, Cheers.... and probably many more than escape my memory at the moment.



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I have 3 televisions and haven't watched anything for a very long time.

Have never watched Eastenders, Emmerdale, or Hollyoaks and no longer watch Corrie. Never watched, ( I think they are called reality shows) or dancing, baking or sewing shows.

Never watched other shows that have already been mentioned like Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sopranos and the Simpsons.

Much prefer American programmes as I think they are better actors, especially the child actors.

Best UK shows, Line of Duty, Happy Valley and Only Fools and Horses. 


Having said I prefer American shows, they are the ones that are no longer made like Friends, Homeland, E.R and St Elsewhere.

Probably others I can't remember.

I don't watch any soaps but have in the past being told to 'shut up' nattering with my brother at Mums whilst Corrie is on... 

Have to agree with Barsel on the best UK shows - those are fab!! 

Hi Smow. Problem is, they're not made anymore and up to now, I haven't found anything that takes my fancy.

Hopefully, Line of Duty might just come back.

They always stop making the good ones! I watched Trial & Retribution this eve - that's pretty good.

Is it Smow, I'll have to check it out. Off to bed now.x

Yep, that's a UK crime drama. Night night (or morning lol).

/diverting slightly - I have never seen any STAR WARS film//


I've seen more Star Wars in the queue for the ride in Florida, I was whatsapping pictures back to the UK to find out who peopole were, like a gold statue.


There are dozens that I have seen odd moments of, but have never watched an entire episode - so in no particuar order

Sex And The City, Last Of The Summer Wine, The Good Life, Starsky And Hutch, Dynasty, Peyton Place, Cheers, Bergerac, Call The Midwife, Murder She Wrote.

There are masses more, but no-one is probably that interested in what I haven't seen.

I don't suppose anyone is interested in the progs I've never watched, but it's just a bit of fun.

I've never watched half of those you mentioned.

I have never seen an episode of will and grace, or sex in the city


line of duty


the masked singer (but that just doesn't appeal)


homes under the hammer (though I do know the music for it)

I have never watched CALL THE MIDWIFE, and, based on having seen the trails,   the Michael Macintyre shows and THE APPRENTICE. 

41 to 54 of 54rss feed

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Which Popular Programmes Have You Never Seen?

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