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Money For Nothing… That Chair!!

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smurfchops | 14:54 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Sarah 'renovated' a chair on BBC1 today, the worst renovation ever.  And it sold to a shop in Esher for over £300!  Absolutely awful.  How does she sell all that stuff?  Even the thing made out of old typewriters was horrible.  And that sold as well!   Quite likes the octopus chest of drawers though ...



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So what did the chair look like?

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It has just been on, you could look on iPlayer ...

Gets the shop on TV, cheap advertising 

Agreed the chair was awful. Old 1950 style with brown wood frame and orange boucle fabric. Painted gloss white but with a blue line and covered in garish patterned fabric which clashed I wouldn't even put it in my shed. I thought the other two items were very inventive 

I've watched this and I do think there is a certain amount of artistic licence going on. They often do a geat job of rennovating something but it's a bit like wheeler dealers they may sell the item for a "profit" but how many hours are spent and not accounted for? It's certainly not "money for nothing"!

I think the person who 'hosts' the show doesn't take into account the hours they spend, they always seem to make the most profit, but they are paid by the programme maker. The others are, I think, self employed and therefore charge for the hours they work 

They are still paid by the production company, there is no guarantee the item will sell.

You are right about Wheeler Dealers, if they took labour hours in to account there would never be a profit.

They agree a budget with the presenter which they get paid whether the item is sold or not which is ultimately paid by production company yes

I'll have a look on iPlayer tomorrow...I forget it's on BBC. I'm so used to seeing it on REALLY/HGTV.

What I hate is when a lot of work goes into something, it sells for 500...and the former owner gets 20.

That's still £20 more than they would have got for it.

Materials and labour can be expensive 

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Money For Nothing… That Chair!!

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