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Celebs Into Battle

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naomi24 | 12:49 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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//Raging Sharon Osbourne blasts Amanda Holden saying ‘you’ll never be in my league’ after BGT star branded her ‘pathetic’//


Battle Stations for Sharon and Amanda.  Whose coat are you holding?  Personally I think they're two very silly women.  Bet Sharon's not too happy with the picture though.



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I'd probably back Sharon against Amanda if I was bothered enough 🤣 what strikes me is the amount of plastic on display in all of the photos (SO AH SC LW) enough to keep a recycling plant busy for a week I reckon 😂

This reminds me of professional wrestling. Two oppenents in the ring seemingly hating the very sight of each other and tearing each other limb from limb in the ring. Two hours later, after the show is over, they're in the pub together sharing a pint.

While Amanda is well preserved Mrs Osborne has the look of a man half her age.

good marketing for them both a bit of publicity 

Go Sharon ... cannot stand the Holden piece of plastic.

Yes I know Sharon is plastic and looks awful after losing weight, but I still back her any day. 

Sharon can at times be entertaining, Amanda on the other hand, well not much going for her .

I think NJ is right.

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Celebs Into Battle

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