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elliemay1 | 22:51 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone get the 1% question correct tonight? I didn't !



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Not me Elliemay. But had got through to the 1% question following along live with the app. So was happy with that.

I'll be watching tomorrow 

Later today, rather

I tried watching this quiz show, but, it's not one for me.😒

I would have got it with more time and without the throbbing noise counting down.

Was it the one with countries and figures? If so, then No, a bit beyond me.  

Yes, it was the countries and numbers - a bit obscure to get that in 30 seconds.

I did not get the 1% question.  I looked at syllables, letter counts, patterns but failed miserably 

I loved it when he kept picking on that awful sister... 

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