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Clarkson's Farm......

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ToraToraTora | 20:22 Sun 05th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched the first episode of the new series. The local council seem like right spiteful bar stewards.



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Completely agree, I'm on episode 3, wait until the pigs arrive.

I've just binged the 4 episodes - more released on Friday.

All I can say is that Charlie must have the patience of a saint!

Love it.  

I'm watching Jeremy at the moment on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Apparently real farmers think it's a more realistic program than Countryfile.

I was hoping that the council nasties were replaced in the recent local elections.

I've watched them all now and I still want more.

They are currently filming series 4 ladybirder

Oh that's good news Margo, thank you.  I thought I'd read somewhere that they weren't doing anymore.

Hope this one has at least 8 episodes:-)

It's such good entertainment isn't it. I still haven't got over JC hoovering te blackberries from the hedge 😂

That was hilarious.  

However the last bit with the piglets and their mum was heartbreaking.


I thought Clarkson's Farm was ending on a sad note with Episode 4 being what it was - but the good news is another four episodes begin on Friday.  It has apparently beaten all else in the listings - including the top Netflix series and David Attenborough.

I'm not surprised I've absolutely loved it all.  I was never particularly a Clarkson fan but that has all changed now.  He's hilarious.

I've always liked him.  He gets a really rough deal from that awful council!

I agree.  They are appalling.  Doubt they'll beat him though.  He doesn't give up easily if at all.

Oh goody...its on Prime. I'll be tucking in with an episode or 2...or all...on the weekend. 

I can't understand a word Lisa is saying but I like her.  She gets stuck in and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

I remember in the last series where JC wanted to build a farm track on And was refused. He asked Charlie if he'd ever heard of a farmer being refused, and his answer was along the lines of "No. They've refused YOU Jeremy". That spoke volumes.


They seem vindictive to JC just because it's JC.


Just top-notch fantastic entertainment.

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They are spiteful Casserole for sure.

I'm watching S3 Ep5 "Healing" at the moment.  Jeremy's had another brilliant idea ...

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Clarkson's Farm......

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