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Clarkson's Farm

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Barmaid | 15:02 Fri 03rd May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Season 3 launches today.  Anyone going to be watching?

We really enjoy it.  My father (a retired farmer) sits and yells at the screen and laughs in equal measure.



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Yes, we'll be watching.  Love it!

I've just watched the first episode Barmaid it was hilarious in parts with the old double act, Jeremy and Caleb, together again

JC full of daft ideas again including vacuuming a hedge!!

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Caleb has me in stitches the way he gets so exasperated with JC.

I would if I still had Prime 

I have watched series three and it was good. It is good for entertainment and for learning about farming. Oxfordshire planners/council appear to be out to get Clarkson, what on earth is wrong with him having a farm shop, lets hope the appeal wins.

Love it. Watched all 4 now and awaiting the next lot on Friday.

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Clarkson's Farm

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