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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

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barry1010 | 12:23 Tue 21st May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Just catching up on the latest episode.

If I understood correctly, none of the contestants could read the questions because one is visually impaired.

I think that could give that contestant an unfair advantage because she will probably have better listening and memory skills.

Do you agree? 




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LOL - that's why I don't play Bingo - which I never did only in the olden days  but on walking the dog one night I called into the Bingo hall and couldn't believe that the numbers come up in lights before in a split second numbers were called.

I knew I would be able to call quicker from looking at the numbers than at the "voice".  They probably would have thrown me out LOL

Question Author

You could have made a killing, JJ

jj so how does that help? You can't change what's on your card and mutiple house calls are allowed. I must be missing something.

If it was a Q for all the contestants it must have been "fastest finger first". Did the visually impaired person win and get into the hot seat? 

anyway back to the OP that's an old one and if I remember rightly the blind girl did not win FFF anyway. She may have a slight advantage but you still have to know the order.

Question Author

She did get in to the seat and won a bit.

It was a new episode recorded a few days ago.

Question Author

I've just checked, it was a repeat. She won £16k

did she get in first go barry? I seem to remember that she didn't but it may be hazy.

Yes she did TTT. She was the second person to be in the hot seat

Just re-read your post TTT. For some reason I chose to ignore the word 'first' 🙁

Question Author

I take in information much better if I read it, rather than hear it.  My hearing is fine.

I knew what you meant margo.

it was a repeat from 2021

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