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teacher1 | 21:49 Tue 28th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Doesn't Bruno Tonioli talk a load of rubbish about the so called entertainers on BGT.



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That's because they are rubbish!!!!

Yes, but he's not alone in that.

That'what he's paid for.

I've never watched it but have seen him on Strictly.  Is he still an over-excitable, exuberant, attention seeking diva?

barry - // Is he still an over-excitable, exuberant, attention seeking diva? //

Absolutely, only with a better haircut and more suitable clothes.

Does the title of the show suggest that this offering is the 'BEST' of talent that Britain has, aided by Canadians, Australians, Japaanese and Koreans etc?  If so, God help British showbusiness.

I think the only honest judge is Simon, and he doesn't get over excited and me me me like all the others...  but an awful programme just the same.  And don't start me off with Ant and Dec...  what is the point of them and why doesn't Dec look in the camera when he is in the wings?  Grrrrr

We think Simon is preparing Japan's Got Talent. They don't have it there yet, and as their TV is dire, most people stream, he could do well. There would be a lot of SK contestants probably.

Oh Simon is definitely me me me smurfchops, makes me wonder how he's been so successful when he votes through such really ridiculous acts. As a so called music mogul he can't even use a microphone properly, he always bends right down to it and holds it, like it can't pick up sound unless you do that. I always record BGT so that I can fast forward past the plastic judging panel, the childish Ant and Dec, who are only suitable for kids TV at a push, goodness knows why they keep winning awards for best presenters, then just pick out and watch any half decent acts (very few though), 15 mins max, job done!

Netty I do exactly the same,if it wasn't for hubby I wouldn't watch it at all.  I wish he would watch it in the other room where he watches football...  all I do is moan at it all the way through.....

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