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Mary Bryant

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chessington | 21:23 Tue 18th Apr 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone watch the last hour of the journey of mary bryant? what happened in the end?

thanks in advance



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they made it to East Timor but a British ship came in a few months later with Clarke (Jack Davenport) and Govenor Philip on board.The convicts tried to escape and all were shot apart from Mary,2 kids,Thomas and Martin. The 2 children died on the voyage back to Britain. The convicts became famous whilst awaiting trial. At trial Mary pleads that everything was for her children and the two convicts should go free as they were brave. They are all set free, Mary returns to Cornwall. Martin returns to Australia as a free man to make his fortune and Thomas goes to find his sister.
I think four hours for a drama is way too long, however good, I would get twitchy, especially over two nights. What do others think?
I was hooked to this, it was excellent!
Does anyone know the name of the fictional novel that was based on the story? It does not have the name Mary Bryant in the title - I know I have read it but the title escapes me. Thanks.

What happened to her husband?? I watched the first night of it but couldn't watch the second night, how annoying!!


BabsG are you thinking of Escape from Botany Bay?

Magentared her husband was shot by the marines.

The full title of the book is "Escape from Botany Bay - the true story of Mary Bryant",

Hopefully it's more truthful than the film - her husband died of fever with their children on the way back to England.

And no mention is made of the part played by James Boswell, friend of Samuel Johnson, who led the campaign to release her and her fellow escapees and when she was finally released, gave her a pension of �10 per annum....

I enjoyed the made for tv version, but to follow on from Holbeckian, the more truthful events of the journey are just as fascinating and well worth knowing about, for anyone not aware. m

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Mary Bryant

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