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Flog It - Alex MacArthur

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smurfchops | 19:27 Wed 29th Oct 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Saw this antiques dealer from Hove, on Flog It today. Seemed very good looking and camp then mentioned something about having a daughter, so I am now wondering .. was he a she ?


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is it the presenter, he isnt gay in a relationship!!!
Question Author
No, not the presenter, I thought he had a girl friend. But he was intereviewing an antiques dealer today in Hove/Brighton who looked a bit male/female and I can't make out if he is a she .... or if she is a he. I think the presenter is Paul Martin? No, not him.
smurf have you a link that i could look at??
Alex McArthur was the actor who played Desperado in the TV show of the saem name as I recall.
Watched this today! thinking the same thing! Paul Martin interviewed this person who ran an antiques business from "his" home He was very effeminate had a chunky necklace red sporty shoes! I was wondering as well as to what gender it was, and then he mentioned a daughter and her four poster bed!!
Question Author
Puddicat, I can't find a photo anywhere. Maybe someone else can? Mary, I agree exactly.
I reckon that girlie bedroom was his when he dresses up lol. Dont forget it was Brighton!
On two other sites they refer to her.

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Flog It - Alex MacArthur

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