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Private Registration penalty

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jd_1984 | 19:40 Wed 23rd Mar 2011 | Motoring
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What is the fixed penalty for being stopped with an ileagally spaced private number plate.
I have got one at the moment, but unless one digit is moved along slightly to spell my name, the plate looks a bit naff. But in doin so it becomes ileagal.

Is it £30 fine, somebody has told me it is now £60 and possibly points??


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I thought it was up to £1000 for an illegal plate (but I could be wrong).
you need to ask doc!
anyway i think you hit the nail on the head "the plate looks a bit naff"
Question Author
Only looks naff if it is spaced correctly, once the one digit is shifted across (i.e on the ileagal version I have in the garage) it virtually spells my name and looks pretty smart.
May be time to sell it, havent had it on since I got caught last time (£30 fine only then). I will check up on the web for a definitive answer, just thought someone may know for sure?
Then perhaps you should have thought about having it made legally first, or bought a proper personalised registration that didnt look 'naff'.
Question Author
And, Doc - I am extremely law abiding thank you and dont continually abuse the law, I was stopped once, 2 years ago for the plate and was considering taking the gamble of fixing the other one back on
What annoys me is you see some in italic writing and other fonts or ridiculously spaced and they never get bloody caught!
"Registration mark not conforming to regulations" can be dealt with by non-endorsable fixed penalty £60 (no points) and increased from £30 to £60 for offences committed on or after 30 June 2009.

Electing a court hearing sees the maximum allowed penalty raise to £1000
What looks naff is people who arrange letters and numbers to spell a name .

e.g 5 to represent an S
4 " " " " A

Even something like A6 MBH is still naff .

A proper private plate in my opinion is something like - BC 125 , HRH 1 , BEC 1960 ,
59 AH
Follow me ?
Last time they tugged me with mine it was a £30 fine now I understand it's up to £1k if they take a dislike to you and let's face it if you have a nicer car than them then they will,bless 'em.
Question Author
Was a present.
Ex GF bought it and had it made up and put on the car for me.
Like I say it only looks naff when spaced leagally. If it was £30 fine, I may take the gamble of putting the ileagally spaced one back on, which virtually spells out my name. It literally means taking a number and shifting it 6 inches along the plate. Christ there is murderers and rapists out there, I didnt want a lecture about the law guys!
You asked the question, you got the answer. Anything up to £1K.
Question Author
Nox/ABerrant - if its police discretion, knowing my luck I would get hit with £1000.
I am 27yrs old in a mercedes, you get the wrong policeman and thats it!
Although the guys who pulled me last time were really nice about it, almost a "we hate to do this but....." attitude.
The plate is worth approx £1500, based on a valuation 6 months ago, might get rid
What has the make of car got to do with it ??? Its illegal and you know full well it is, get is re-made within the law or ditch it and buy a legal one, simples.
Question Author
Boxtops -

"If you continue to abuse the law your car will be scrapped, rightly so." and
"Then perhaps you should have thought about having it made legally first,"

Those comments just annoyed me, suggetsing I abuse the law and dont show any foresight regarding things - thanks for everyones answers/advice.
Question Author
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don't drive around near doc, then jd!
Question Author
PP - Nox's point is true, if the police take a disliking to you...... A young guy in a nice car may get penalised if the bobby involved is having a bad day! Or perhaps not, thanks all for the answers anyway!
well they wouldn't have any reason to pull you over if it's legal!
I have never really understood what the problem is tghough - in docs example you can still see what each individual letter and number is anyway - when they type it into a computer it dosen't ask for the spacing!
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Private Registration penalty

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