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Your Next Car?

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AB Editor | 14:06 Wed 13th Apr 2011 | Motoring
35 Answers
If you were to buy a car tomorrow what would be the most important factor when choosing a car?

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When choosing your next car, what is the most important feature?

  • The speeds it can reach - 32 votes
  • 37%
  • The number of miles per gallon it can achieve - 22 votes
  • 26%
  • Price - 17 votes
  • 20%
  • The way it looks/its style - 10 votes
  • 12%
  • Its performance in safety tests - 5 votes
  • 6%

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I need to select 3 of those..

Speed, looks and price.
I'm getting one of these as soon as they become available: http://motoren.wordpr...showrooms-early-2011/
Just been to look at a car this morning. I have a 1300 escort and other was a 1600 vauxhall astra 8 years newer than mine Think I will stick to a 1300 as insurance was going to cost nearly £200 more as I had just renewed my insurance last month.
I needed price and safety - answered safety because although I need it to be as cheap as possible, I couldn't buy a death trap no matter how cheap it was! If I did more than my 4-5,000 miles per annum I would be more concerned with the mpg rating, but as it is, it doen't make a huge amount of difference how thirsty it is when I only need to fill up once per month.
I needed to choose 3 and, funnily enough it is the 3 top one on the stats and in the same order!
The most important things when looking for a car are:

0-60 < 5 seconds
standing quarter < 11 seconds ie a 10 second car
rear wheel drive
The only thing I ever consider when buying a car is that it' a Golf. I've only ever owned Golfs - apart from my very first car which was a Polo- and I would pretty much not consider any other car. So the choice is basically down to which colour I want.
R1 - rear wheel drive is good, but not in snow - so beemer or Merc then.

when i chose a car, i thought it was gonna give good fuel econony,
but my how much do they lie.
Urban 67.
Extra urban.97.1

if i could get over 60mpg i would be happy - & no i don't go over 60mph much: GGGRrrrrr
I think you need an extra factor. Reliability. I drive about 20,000 miles per year so for me, its reliability and durability. I bought my current car in 2001 and I'm just changing it now after 190,000 miles
it's a Merc gsr but there are lots of other rear wheel drive cars. Basically any car over about 230bhp needs to be, ok there are a few hot fwd cars but they torque steer horribly. What have you got that does 67mpg! a sewing machine?!
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usually the sppeds it can reach equates to increased safety measures....and some high performance cars have amazing fuel consumption for their engine size and weight - I had a Cayenne Turbo and could get 30 miles plus on a long run......and far better than the Volvo.
You can get a 6/7 year old Maserati for about £20,000 !
Is it an FTO??? Yes - I'll have it. No - I wont.x
Are Golfs very good on fuel, milly? Good point there about reliability, as that is a very major thing in my next job which may be that of courier. Do not want to break down in the middle of nowhere, I am afraid.
You don't get that much choice when you need a seven seater.
in the days of high priced fuel, I am more concerned with economy than speed, it may be nice to achieve 160 mph but its not like I could drive at those speeds in real life, most of the time I will be stuck in traffic or doing 40, so whilst I am doing that I can feel better about it in an economical vehicle..
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Atm we have the Honda Accord but I am finding it awkward to get in and out of it since having the hip replacement. So we are looking for something with more height. We had been to the Honda garage to have a look at them. Yesterday some wassock kicked the two fog spot lamps in (they are fixed quite low in the front). It is going to cost us £400+ to have the units replaced, Ok we could do it on the insurance but that will cost Mrask £250 then the premiums will go up even more next year. Not sure what to do.

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