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Your Next Car?

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AB Editor | 14:06 Wed 13th Apr 2011 | Motoring
35 Answers
If you were to buy a car tomorrow what would be the most important factor when choosing a car?

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When choosing your next car, what is the most important feature?

  • The speeds it can reach - 32 votes
  • 37%
  • The number of miles per gallon it can achieve - 22 votes
  • 26%
  • Price - 17 votes
  • 20%
  • The way it looks/its style - 10 votes
  • 12%
  • Its performance in safety tests - 5 votes
  • 6%

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I'd like an Alfa Romeo Guiletta, if anyone wants to start a collection.

I'm a good cause.
One where the seat belts fit. Have had many cars over the years and have never had a problem but we now have a Saab which must have the shortet seat belts ever produced.
Fuel consumption on my current Golf, 1.6 petrol, is pretty average. Though it depends how I'm driving it.

The only problems I've ever encountered with any of my cars are soley down to the fact that I haven't done something I should have done, such as servicing. Oh and the time we had that batch of dodgy petrol being delivered around the country.
MG6....drooling =)
None of those Ed.

It would be whether I can get my scooter in the back & two kids.

The Belingo I think.

1 Price
3 Is it a Toyota?

We've only been doing about 4000 miles pa, including driving daughter 200 miles round trip to Uni. probably cheaper to go everywhere by taxi!
I wanted to click all five factors. However, as the poll is limited to one, I have gone for safety.

I feel the seat is still quite safe in my 8yr old Seat.:-)


the mazda shinari is appealing to me.
Most important to me is that it is automatic and comfortable for my poorly back. If it gets me from A to B and is reliable and cheap to run then that is all that matters. Don't care what it looks like.

I hope to hang on to my lovely Toyota Starlet until I give up driving!!
Reliability, MPG, Safety feachers,Service history, If cam belt, has it been changed, Ins Group, Interior space, Auto, Owners.
it would have to be a Mazda MX5
Nothing a mazda with you fruitsalad.:-) I encouraged my niece to buy an MX5. A super sports car in my opinion and my niece agrees.

the most important feature for me is that its a Honda Intergra Type R. Preferably with lots of Mugen goodies on it.
Colour first.
Then number plate - has to have a ring to it. (Include age of car here)
Then size - I'm tall and need to fit inside.
Next is price.
Then balance engine size with potential miles per gallon, insurance bracket etc.
Then I check reviews and word of mouth for reliability.

And no I'm not joking about the importnace of colour, I bet many more would say the same if they were honest!! Otherwise we wouldn't have so few yellow and orange cars on the road.
Gotta be looks/styling then speed and lastly what gadgets and gizmo's does it have!

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