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Winter Motoring Preparations

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AB Editor | 11:17 Fri 26th Oct 2012 | Motoring
13 Answers

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  • I will do some basic prep like checking tyres, lights and anti-freeze levels. - 88 votes
  • 52%
  • I will do plenty of prep and will also make sure winter essentials like a blanket, spade and torch are with me at all times. - 46 votes
  • 27%
  • I don’t plan on making any preparations. - 35 votes
  • 21%

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But you should be doing 'basic prep' all the time anyway - so why the need to to do it especially for winter motoring?

And why no mention of carrying a hip-flask and a hot woman (or indeed man) at all times?

d xx
Our cars are always prepared, winter just means doing a bit more to be on the safe side!
very little needed round here, it does on occasion snow but mostly nothing. I'll do the basics, check tyre pressures etc.
I always make sure I've got a blanket, spade and torch when it gets to winter. And I usually get some chocolate and crispsto keep in the car as well, but I always end up eating it so that kind of defeats the purpose really.
winter tyres on my car. Nothing else.
B I do at least once a month anyhow.

I normally carry a torch and a big, thick old coat in my car at all times anyhow, the coat is as rough as anything because it been used for things like a ground mat to kneel on when changing tyres in the rain, but it would keep me warm in an emergency.

Although in reality... if it does snow really hard I just won't use my car (rear wheel drive in the snow, no thanks!)... I'd just walk or cycle to work instead.
I don't make any plans - I leave it to others. But there are raincoats umbrellas and an old blanket in the car all year round.
Personally, and I'm deadly serious here, I'd like to hibernate. I only wish that were possible. As it isn't, I add extra layers of clothing and only venture outside when absolutely necessary and that's only as far as my car which is parked outside. I add metal "grippers" to my boots. Off course I have to remove them to drive but, without my car, I'd be totally trapped. I don't think teleportation will be invented in our lifetime but one can always hope!

I see you forgot to add the most important, Petrol / derv to your list.
I've already taken off my aftermarket alloys for the winter months and put the standard steel wheels and narrower tyres back on.
I don't go out in Winter.................
Always carry a spare pair of tights for use as an emergency fan-belt ... (or hymen) ...
A preparation Id like to do is to go somewhere like Aus or NZ to get away form the cold for 3 or 4 months.

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Winter Motoring Preparations

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