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hose on mondeo 2004 turbo

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percypineapple | 20:47 Fri 26th Oct 2012 | Motoring
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just a bit of advice. my egr to intercooler hose split on my diesel 2.0 130 hp mondeo about 6 months ago. I bought a new hose from the ford dealer, just a short rubber hose, but different sizes at each end. it cost £63. I has again split. ford dealer who sold it to me are not interested in replacing it under warranty etc. On ebay, there is a silicone version of it, about £38 with postage, and it is guaranteed for life ( as long as you own the car). I asked my local garage if it was o.k. and they said it was actually an upgrade, too much pressure and it baloons, does not split or tear. I will let you know if it explodes!!!


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Yep, percy, silicone hoses are better than rubber. they are used on race cars.
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Well I didn't know they existed, and i had a choice of colours, red, blue black, and they are half the price of the "non guaranteed! ford ones!
Got to be a bargain, I hope.
Yes they do come in a variety of colours, should last you as long as you keep the car imo.

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hose on mondeo 2004 turbo

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