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annieigma | 22:29 Fri 25th Jan 2013 | Motoring
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i need a 7 seater people carrier. something as large as a galaxy. apart from the sharan and alhambra, are there any other largish people carriers. the VW Touran seems good, but from online photos it seems small like the Zafira. budget is between 4 and 5 k, slightly more if a more modern vehicle at a good price. I need something fairly large, not manby pamby, robust and everyone comfortable, not squeezed into a sardine tin with a turbo engine.
any ideas? I have been warned by my garage man that the french ones are a liability once they reach 60,000 miles. all plastic which goes brittle quickly, and the clutch and gearbox collapse at 50,000 miles on the C4. He said avoid renault,peugeot and especially citroen. spares are a terrible price, and he said look on autotrader, there are none with mileage over 100,000 for sale, as they go to scrap before that!!
but thats his opinion as he is a VW fanatic.
Please let me know what you think, and should i pay the extra and stick to a galaxy?
Thanks for your help.


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This website might well be worth a look:
As well as providing their own reviews (both in print and using videos) the site shows what the independent motoring press has to say about each model.
I've got a Chrysler Grand Voyager and it is excellent. All the seats go under the floor and when they are up as seats there is loads of storage. The boot is huge too. However, being so big it is difficult to park (especially if, like me, you are pants at parking). It had sliding doors so little people can't open them into other people's cars. Also, you do feel a bit of a berk driving it when you are on your own. It is much bigger than a Galaxy (had one before) and a Zafira (had a replacement car when ours was poorly).
Hi we had an 8 seater Toyota previa for our lot, great car very roomy and loads of boot space, did us up till all 5 became teens and decided to cool to go out with mum and dad.
I drive a Touran, best vehicle I've ever owned.

If however, you need room for storage with 7 seats, you won't get it in the Touran, it's most definitely a 5, and occasional, 7 seater.
I have a Kia Sedona and I have to say it's really very good. Only trouble with a Kia is that they tend to lose value quite quickly. My only complaint is that I believe it should come with rear or even 4 wheel drive. I tow a caravan and with the weight of a 'van on the back, on wet grass there is even less traction. It is the poor man's Voyager, but I certainly would be prepared to buy another one. It's 2.9 engine, weighs something like 1.5 tonne, gives a consumption of approx 30 - 33 mpg. I have a German Shepherd, so the rear row of seats live in the garage; the dog uses the back of the car as her own!
I've got a Chrysler Grand Voyager and it is excellent. All the seats go under the floor and when they are up as seats there is loads of storage. The boot is huge too. However, being so big it is difficult to park if you're a woman ( if, like me, you are excellent at parking it is no problem)

M-T - I will readily admit to being crap at parking, at least I don't think I can park and then make an arse of it. I go out of my way to ensure that I don't have to try and park in a space that I consider too small :)
Joking aside the Grand Voyager is the king of people carriers.
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Wonderful, thank you. fuel consumption is a factor, as i am very rural, so at the moment have a diesel mondeo which returns about 55 mpg around here, but now need bigger vehicle. i had a seat alhambra that did about 45 mpg, but was quite expensive to maintain, but as i am in the proceeds of spending £5000 plus, I am hoping for something that won't want to keep rushing to the garage.
Am I wrong in thinking that petrol vehicles are alway more expensive to run then diesels?
MT - it is a bloody big car though. I will readily admit it is too big for me but with five kids, two in big car seats and two on booster seats it has the room I need. Also, you can get a double buggy in the boot plus a full weeks shopping or packing for a week away. I try not to use mine too much as it's a 2.8 something or other so not the most economical thing in the world for short trips) (it's a rare day when the tank gets filled to the top - nearly £100!).
Mine is 2.8......... £85 to fill. about 34mpg cruising at 70

Very fast for the size of the car.
Annie, we were really lucky with ours as it had quite low mileage. It's a 55 plate and still has less than 70k on it even though we go out and about most summer weekends and have taken it abroad four times. Touch wood it has been fine but when it is really cold the battery just doesn't have the kick to start the engine. The AA have checked it and the battery is a good one, it just can't get enough oomph on a cold morning to get the damn thing going (it only does short trips in the winter as we don't venture far).
MT - having you been driving my car?
I have a 7 seat Zafira 1.7 ecodiesel ( I know you are looking for a larger car)
But it does over 50mpg on everyday running and I have had 7 adults in for a 45 mile journey and they did no
t complain. Drives and parks like a normal car. You need to look at how often you actually need the whole 7 seats. Mine is great with 5 adults and a load of shopping/luggage but I admit 7 adults is a stretch. Been for days out with 5 adults and 2 kids plus luggage and that was fine as well.
By the way my FIL has has 2 high milage Galaxys and they were both c@rp , engine management electronics failed and replacements were more than the car was worth, both got sold for scrap. The Zafira has a 'lifetime or 100,000 mile guarantee from new.
Just to continue - my Sedona was 11 months old when purchased in October 2006. Ex-demo which had done just 1200 miles. Basically I saved the VAT off a new model by buying ex-demo. She has now (at 7.5 years) done 52.5k, a lot of that (possibly 15k) towing. The only 'major' mechanical problem was a new clutch approx 2 years ago which cost over £700. I hardly slept for a week. My comment above about buying another still stands though.
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