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4X4 Or 4X2

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Goofy | 12:19 Wed 24th Apr 2013 | Motoring
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What is the difference?
I want a 4wd car, but want to be able to 'switch off' the 4x4 when not needed. Uses more fuel and more tyres I think.


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All cars switch off the 4x4 when not needed, the 4x4 is actived by a diff lock, wheel slippage (sensor) or a 4x4 switch, generally the 4x4 mode is off unless in severe conditions (ie off road, sand, snow ect)
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Thank you
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I don't think Cazzz is right, and a quick google brings this up.

It seems there are part time and full time 4 wheel drive vehicles.
I often drive a Landrover Defender and thats permanent 4 wheel drive.
As a general rule, must road orientated 4WD vehicles are 2WD most of the time and only transfer drive to the other wheels as and when needed, there are a few exceptions to this, such as most subarus, which are permanent 4WD.
My 4X4 car on a normal road only has drive with the two front wheels as most do, if sensors find the front wheels are turning faster than the rear wheels because of ice, snow etc the rear 2 wheels are activated so it becomes a 4X4, this is done without any help from me.
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so what make is your car toureman?

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4X4 Or 4X2

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