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Multi-Car Insurance

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AB Editor | 09:33 Wed 24th Apr 2013 | Motoring
8 Answers

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  • No, I insure them separately - 99 votes
  • 67%
  • Yes, I insure them together - 49 votes
  • 33%

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(stats updated every 5 minutes - before anyone mentions it, if you don't have more than one car, this poll isn't for you :) )
When I used to have more than one old banger I used to insure them separately. but there again multiicar wasn't around then or maybe not pushed. Now I have a newish car I trust it's not going to break down, so it's just the one (although it has been in the garage on a couple of occasions so far). There's a lot to be said for having a spare vehicle on the drive. Ideally get 2 different sorts. Maybe a family one and a sports one. Or a small van or estate and a family one.
My business partner has two cars and a motorcycle on a 'multi' policy

He has just discovered one disadvantage

His wife's minor car accident last year has just put up his motorcycle premium!
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Car and bike kept very separate for exactly the reasons given above - I don't want a claim on either one destroying my protected NCB on the other.
Enquired with Admiral recently regarding multi car insurance. Turned out more expensive than if I insured them separately.
My daughter has recently insured her car and her 19 year old daughter's car on a multi car policy with Admiral. My daughter's premium increased slightly but her daughter's premium reduced considerably making it a worthwhile exercise.
no. i will sepreate

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Multi-Car Insurance

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